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This “Saturday’s Devotional Post” was written July 2, 2000 after Dick and I had been to a concert at Hosmer Hall.  I found myself thinking and feeling like a small triangle in a big orchestra of people.

“The triangle.  I somehow found myself thinking about the little triangle, all by itself, in amongst the other instruments at the concert.  Many violins. Many cellos.  Many trumpets.  Many clarinets.  But only one triangle.  Yet its sound was clear, pure, and distinct.  It gave to the piece of music a beautiful completion.

its sound was clear, pure, and distinct; a beautiful completion

I was thinking about how many of us feel like we are like that little triangle,  Small and insignificant among the symphony of people. But, how much we must add to the complete piece of life, if we but ring clear, pure, and distinct.  I want to be like that triangle.

Remembering that my place in the body of Christ is needed and necessary, may it be a sweet sound, that carries a pure and clear tone.  Have a blessed week in the Lord.  Lovingly, Sharon”